Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I hate them already and its only November

Well, we are 8 games into what is already a miserable Knicks season and I am filled with more hatred than a white supremacist at a Russell Simmons comedy show. The Knicks are 2-6 and 0-3 at the Garden making basketball in New York City as relevant as curling in Arizona. The latest loss against laboring Cavs was paticularly disappointing because there were several awful personnel decisions made by Lord Isaiah Thomas which I think could have prevented the loss.

First, why would an awful Stephon Marbury, who up until the 4th quarter had 6 points be in the game when it is becoming abundantly clear and the crunch time back court should be Nate Robinson (who I still don't like but at least he plays hard) and Jamal Crawford who like Jack Bauer works best when the clock is ticking down, let's also not leave out Quinten Richardson who has been the best player on the team so far this year. No instead Isaiah must have gotten caught waiting on his chicken fingers and spicy honey mustard sauce (by far the best honey mustard is served at the Ranch One in the Garden) and forgot to place Starbury and his $14 sneakers on the bench. Instead Marbury air mails a wide open three pointer with the Knicks trailing 94-97.

Second, the fact that Eddie Curry gets any playing time in the second half continues to defy rational thought. Is it not obvious that once again he is out of shape due to what most would call a lack luster offseason workout program. This is not a guy who has any fire or desire to excel at his position. He figures he runs a few wind sprints, lifts a few weights and then heads out for his Crave Case and all will be fine. He labors up and down the court and his soft midsection prevents him from bodying up opponents who pin him deep inside the paint and his only recourse is to foul. Which of course explains why he is constantly in foul trouble early and often.

Isaiah should start Curry in hopes of him catching fire early, and by early I mean ten minutes or so into the first quarter. If that happens, keep him in and feed him the ball. If not, I think he sits down and David Lee gets the rest of his minutes with Frye and Jeffries (when he returns next month). That is the frontcourt and once Isaiah comes to the realization that Eddie Curry will be no more than what he is today, and that yes we would rather have had the second pick in the draft, he will be better off, and maybe the Knicks will be too.

Tonight the Knicks face the Wizards at the Garden. The one and only positive thing I can muster about this team is that they have yet to be blown out and embarrassed on the court, aside from Isaih's bantering with Bruce Bowen. They are showing a knack for keeping it close in the final quarter, but this team is too young, too inexperienced, and has an enormous lack of on court veteran leadership to have the savvy to win come back games. The only chance we have is a quick offensive start and pray the momentum doesn't swing.

The starting lineups for tonight's game:


PG - Arenas
SG - Stevenson
SF - Butler
PF - Jamison
C - Haywood

New York
PG - Marbury
SG - Francis
SF - Richardson
PF - Frye
C - Curry

Stay tuned today for more NBA related news as I discuss why I think the Jazz will win the West, why I think the Heat are in trouble and also why Reggie Evans looks like the alien who gave birth in Enemy Mine


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