Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knick Spurred 105-93

Last nights contest at the Garden turned out as expected. The Knicks came out with as much life and mock as Stephen Hawking in a kickboxing match and dug themselves into a 23 point hole in the first half. This forced Lord Isaiah to dig deep into his bench exhuming the bodies of Mardy Collins (wasted draft pick) Malik Rose (Duncan's sparring partner when with the Spurs) and Kelvin Cato (it's like the tallest fan getting to play for a few minutes). I can't kill the second unit as they actually showed some life and rattled the Spurs and inspiring a group that should be singing Christmas carols in a morgue this holiday season. The Knicks, prompted by the bench players and Quentin Richardson, the only Knick to show some improvement from last season, went on a 20-2 run and even brought the game within 1 point with 4:00 minutes left until Marbury jacked up a three and missed igniting a finishing San Antonio run.

Obviously the loss of Jared Jeffries hurts as he would have brought some intangibles that this team sorely lacks. To me that was punctuated when early in the game Eddie Curry and Channing Frye (0 pts and benched the entire second half) both went for a rebound and let the ball go out of bounds. Curry turns and yells at Frye who sheepishly walked away. This team has not yet jelled and I don't care what feel good stories came out of training camp and proving old Larry "Leakey Crotch" Brown wrong, etc etc. This team needs to stick up for one another and encourage each other on the court. Curry is one cheeseburger away from masquerading as latter day Shawn Kemp. His conditioning is atrocious and we are watching someone slowly waste what should be a very promising career. Frye on the other hand looks great as far as bulking up goes, but it is painfully obvious that he spent more time in the weight room than on the court which is the main factor in his horrendous start.

Almost as pathetic as the game was the so called celebrities who now have courtside seats. In the old days it used to be Spike, Jack, Brokaw, Diddy. Now we have Lana Ali and Bobby Bacala from the Sopranos. These two wouldn't be able to touch a ticket below the 300 section in the 90's, now they are the marquee names. If I didn't have a family to think about I would have killed myself right then and there.

The Knicks hit the road for a brutal three game road trip at Denver, Houston and a rematch with the Spurs which brings about the realistic chance of them returning home to the Garden on the 13th with a record of 1-6 to face LeBron and the Cavs. Sound familiar Knick fans??

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