Thursday, November 09, 2006

Knicks beat Nuggets and George Karl Face

Wild ending to last nights Knicks-Nuggets game as Jamal Crawford finally awoke from his slumber and torched Denver for 35pts hitting the game winning jumper over Eduardo "El Guapo" Najera with 3.7 ticks left. Overall however it was a typical sloppy, turnover prone, defenseless effort by the Knicks first team and their front court of Channing Frye (4pts, 5rebs) and fat Eddie Curry (4pts, 2rebs) were once again horrendous and found themselves doing the fake enthused clap when their replacements, Renaldo Balkman and Malik Rose entered the game and helped spark the Knicks in the first half.

I won't sit here and pretend that I liked the first round pick who looks like Walter Marek from No Escape, however I will say that after watching him in the preseason and the first five games of this season, he's 1) in excellent condition 2) hustles more than anyone else on the team 3) plays as hard as possible 4) always makes something by way of a steal, rebound, or like last night a great shot block on a fast break by Andre Miller. Isaih may have unearthed a diamond in the round and you can see why he wanted a player like Balkman on a team where hustle is a not in abundance.

Stayed tuned for more NBA fodder later, as for the Knicks they head to Houston to face handsome Jeff Van Gundy and the Asian Bill Wise at 8:30 on MSG. For all your college basketball info please check out the link to bball talk Deuce's blog whose ball sack is better maintained than the greens at Augusta.

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