Monday, November 20, 2006

Knicks host Rockets

Well we've seen some ups and downs the past two games. I know that my MO thus far has been to kill the Knicks and Isaiah Thomas showing as much mercy as the principles of one Sensi John Kresse allows, however, I would lose all credibility as a journalist, a person, and a bowler if I didn't give credit where credit is due. This years Knicks team is far more interesting to watch than last years. Yes they are still a $122MM disaster of epic proportions. Yes they have two shoot first pass 23rd guards starting in Marbury and Francis, yes they are still on the hook or Allan Houston's life sucking $19M on their salary cap this year, yes Eddie Curry looks like he participated in Shawn Kemps 1995 offseason workout regimen of Krispy Kreme's and infomericals HOWEVER the one thing I will say is that this team does play hard.

The smartest thing Isaiah has done this year by far is allowing his energy guys to come off the bench the minute he sees the starters go stagnant, which unfortunately is usually 7 minutes into the game. The bench play of Nate Robinson (still don't like him), David Lee (who is the white Charles Oakley), Jamal Crawford and Renaldo Balkman, keep the Knicks in every game by literally running the opposing team off the court. If only Channing Frye would grow a set of balls and Eddie Curry would introduce his lumpy ass to a stairmaster and a salad, maybe the starters would build a lead just in time for the bench to come in and extend it. Maybe.

Tonight the Knicks take on former coach Jeff Van Gundy who couldn't win Most Eligble Bachelor in an leper colony and Yao Ming who is sure to take a huge asian styled deuce on Eddie Curry today. Look for Isaiah to tap Celvin Cato and Jerome James early to guard Ming. If Isaiah is smart he will wasted 12 fouls between the two of those corpses and allow Curry to guard someone else and stay in the game longer thus increasing his chances of being more effective and also working off this chewed bubble gum like ass. A win/win situation as far as I am concerned.

That's it for now Knicks fans, those two of you remaining. I will post at least once more prior to Thanksgiving. Stay tuned.

The Lord


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