Thursday, November 09, 2006

What I think

I think Kevin Garnett will be wearing a Lakers uniform by 2008

I think Kobe will realize he needs Garnett in 2008 if he is ever going to win another NBA Championship

I think Larry Brown getting $18 million dollars for phoning in the 2006 season is more than fair given that fact that all in he is getting approximately $2.5M a win.

I think Gregg Popovich should stop trying to pretend he is a North Carolina alum and shut his trap regarding Brown's settlement. Pop or "Crumb Cake Face" as he is called was quoted as saying "I hope its not a precedent. Just because someone said its not a precednet, I don't know if legally it means its not a precedent." it.

I think that the Heat are not as good as everyone thinks

I think the Nets are much better than everyone thinks

I think that Andrew Bynum has looked far....

I think Doc Rivers should go back to broadcasting

I think Mike Fratello should follow him

I think the new ball is for homeless people

I think Chris Kaman is homeless

Hope you enjoyed the first edition on "What I think" if you didn't well I hope you fall down a flight of stairs or get trapped in a house fire.

The Lord


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