Thursday, January 25, 2007

Knicks stick with Suns

Weirdos, creeps, kidnappers and those of you who have their own personal dog poop collection in their grandmother's basement, it is I, the Lord who bringeth the news from beyond. Its been awhile since I have last posted due to extreme technical difficulties. But as Paris Hilton says it is hard to keep a good girl down. I am back and ready to continue dispensing my limited NBA knowledge and mediocre writing ability.

Last night the Knicks fell to the Suns 112-105. Not bad considering Marbury was lost to a knee injury and E City was lifted in the fourth with a strained calf. Curry has established himself as a dominant low post scorer and the offense is now centered on getting the ball down low in his hands as soon as possible. Marbury has been terrific the past month, mostly due to Isaiah cutting down the rotation and Steve Francis banished to Houston on a rehab assignment which is Slovakian for pouting at home waiting for a buy out to be negotiated.

As much as I would like to kill the Lord, I am a believer in several Knick players. I think a foundation is there with Curry, Frye, Lee and Balkman, they have the 2007 version of Vinnie the Microwave Johnson in Jamal Crawford and Q Rich has bounced back to become their most consistent player. There is still some work to be done, Jared Jeffries has been awful, Jerome James should consider sleeping in his car with the engine on and I have serious doubts that Nate Robinson can be a productive contributor on a contending team. He has Atlanta Hawks written all over him.

The Knicks are off today and meeting the Heat tomorrow night at the Garden. They were humiliated by Miami two days ago sans Shaq and Flash. Both will be in uniform tomorrow in New York.

Until then this is the Lord saying eating aint cheatin!


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